Our camp program started in 1989 with 12 kids going to camp. Its goal has been to provide a way for kids to go to camp who otherwise may not have been able to afford to go.

The EKAC program pays 80% of the registration fee for grades 1-4, 70% of the fee for grades 5-8, and 60% of the fee for grades 9-12. 

To raise the money to be able to do this, we have one large fundraiser each year. This is our camp auction and dinner. It is usually held in March or early April so that we have the funds in hand by the time registrations are due. All campers wanting to go to camp are required to donate at least one item to the auction.

The dinner that goes along with the auction is made of donated items from the campers as well. The camp committee puts together the menu and each camper is asked to bring certain items to make up the meal. The dinner is offered with a free will donation followed by the auction.  Covenant Cedars and Glad Tidings graciously provide the hamburgers and hotdogs, buns, and cooks and all we have to do is provide the condiments, salads, drinks, and dessert. This has worked out very nicely. The campers still help provide items for the meal, serve, and clean up.  

During the winter of 2011/2012 Tim Johnson came up with the idea of getting some guys together out at his shop and rebuilding an old tractor and then selling it, with the proceeds from the sale going to the EKAC fund. Please check out the video of this project on the "Farmall Tractor Fundraiser Video" page. These guys worked many hard hours and we appreciate their time, effort, and ministry!

The EKAC program has been a huge outreach for our church. Most of the kids we help are NOT from our church and many are from other communities as well. We send kids to both Covenant Cedars and Glad Tidings Bible Camp. The camp committee is passionate about providing a way for kids to hear the message of salvation in an environment that takes them away from the “noise” of the world that many times keeps them from hearing. Many of these kids, being “unchurched”, are not hearing this message at home and EKAC offers hope through the camp ministry.


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